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Bespoke AI-Driven Marketing Systems: 

= More Profit, Less Work

Welcome to the future of business.

Dear visionary business owner, 

There’s no polite way to say this...

It’s Time to Catch Up or Get Crushed!

AI is a seismic shift, that’s fundamentally reshaping the way business works.

Specifically -- the way you get customers.

A whopping 91.5% of the corporate giants have already harnessed its power, sharpening it into their competitive edge, yet many small businesses are still on the sidelines.

That’s right…

Just 25% of small businesses are even in the game

That’s a serious problem…

Make no mistake, every second you hesitate… your competitors are leaping further ahead.

Here's why that matters:

✨ Organisations generating analytics from AI will outperform their competitors by 20%.

✨AI adopters are growing revenues 3x faster than late adopters or non-users - with an average of 27% higher profits.

✨92% of companies are already achieving an ROI from their investment in AI.

You Can't Afford to Sleep on This...

Step into the AI era today and secure your business's future success - it's time to get ahead, not left behind.

Meet John Hubbard,

Fractional CMO & AI Systems Specialist

Since starting his first business in 1993, and after a 23 year career in marketing and advertising, John Hubbard is now a leading fractional CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) who specialises in partnering with ambitious entrepreneurs.

When the AI landscape shifted, John didn't just observe from the sidelines; he plunged headfirst into the fray, determined to harness its limitless potential.

After searching high and low for an integrated approach for his clients, he couldn't find a solution.

So, he took matters into his own hands.

After countless hours of elite training sessions, collaborations with industry giants, and testing over 130 AI tools, he’s distilled all of that knowledge into one masterful solution, crafted with plug-and-play tools exclusively for coaches, consultants and course creators.

This has led to John creating “The AI Business Advantage” in order to leverage the unparalleled power of AI to drive growth, cut costs, and amplify returns.

There was no system or service I could find like it, and I couldn’t rest until I created it myself”, says John.

Transform Your Knowledge Business

in 10 Weeks with Proven AI Systems

Just Choose the AI Systems You Need and
Get Expert Guidance for Deployment

Forget gimmicky, one-trick pony prompts. Our AI tools are comprehensive, end-to-end systems rigorously tested through years of extensive trial and error, fine-tuning, and optimization.

Here's How We Did It:

Over 36 months, we worked closely with three high-ticket coaching and consulting businesses to create these Read-To-Use systems.

Every time there was a need for something to be done -- We built a repeatable AI system. 

For instance…

Posting social media content to engage their audience and promote their offerings. We built an AI system that analyses top-performing content and creates compelling, on-brand posts to drive engagement and conversions.

Hosting a live event or webinar to promote products. We developed an AI-powered system that creates registration pages and automates personalised email confirmations, reminders, and follow-ups.

Content Creation for Videos and Webinars We designed an end-to-end content system that helps coaches quickly generate compelling videos with just a few inputs based on a database of top-performing content.

Designing lead magnets, worksheets, and other resources to attract and convert potential clients. We built interactive high-value resources addressing your audience's most pressing challenges, saving hours of research and writing time.

Writing email campaigns and follow up sequences to nurture leads and build relationships. We built an AI-driven email marketing tool that generates personalised, value-packed emails to keep subscribers engaged and moving towards a sale.

And many, many more...

If it was repeatable, we refined it for countless hours (based on best practices and proven frameworks) until through trial and error, it became a reliable AI tool that could achieve a specific result at least 10x faster - and with higher quality (and less stress) than a human doing it from scratch. 

In Just 2 Years... These AI tools accumulated to form 8 powerful systems that can run every aspect of marketing a coaching business, freeing up your time to focus on what you do best – coaching and creating life-changing results.

There’s nothing out there like it. It’s totally and completely unique.

Now, you can leverage these systems too...

Maximising Your Revenue With AI - Now as Easy as 1, 2, 3...

1. Needs Analysis: Hierarchy of Opportunity

First, we conduct a thorough needs analysis to identify the areas of your business where AI can make the biggest impact. We call this the Hierarchy of Opportunity - a strategic evaluation of your current activities, income streams and processes, to pinpoint the exact areas where AI systems will maximise your revenue, efficiency, and effectiveness.

2. Pre-Made AI Systems: Choose, Configure, and Customise

We've already built most of the AI systems that your business needs. All you have to do is choose the configuration that best suits your business requirements, and we'll help you modify each system to meet your specific needs. This means you can leverage the power of AI without having to build everything from scratch.

3. Roll Out Plan: Schedule of AI System Implementation

Next, we create a customised roll-out plan for implementing the AI systems in your business. We focus on integrating one system at a time, ensuring each is 100% finished before moving on to the next. This approach reduces overwhelm and allows for a smooth, seamless transition and minimises disruption to your existing workflows.

It’s Time to Catch Up or Get Crushed!

Make no mistake, AI is a seismic shift, reshaping the very foundation of the
business world. 

A whopping 91.5% of the corporate giants have already harnessed its power,
sharpening it into their competitive edge, yet many small businesses are still
on the sidelines. That’s right… 

Just 25%

of small


are even

in the game


The Octagon AI Integration Model

Your Key to Unlocking Exponential Growth

Just like an octagonal structure renowned for its strength and stability, the "Octagon AI Integration Model"
provides a robust framework that supports your business from every angle.

The Octagon AI Integration Model: Eight AI-powered systems that connect

and support your business from every angle, driving exponential growth.

The "Octagon AI Integration Model" is a unique, comprehensive system that integrates eight essential AI-powered systems, working together seamlessly to transform your business. 

Each tool represents a corner of the octagon, forming a solid foundation for growth and success.

By leveraging the power of AI across these eight critical areas, you'll experience a compounding effect on your efficiency and effectiveness, freeing up valuable time to elevate your thinking and focus on what matters most - serving your clients and growing your impact.

✨Introducing the AI Business Advantage Program

Specially Designed for Coaches, Consultants, and Course Creators

Transform your business in 60 days with the AI Business Advantage Program - your path to AI-Powered Lead Generation and Effortless Content Creation.

We've meticulously tested over 130 AI tools, collaborated with industry giants, participated in insider training sessions, and dedicated thousands of hours to research.

We've distilled all this knowledge into the best marketing strategies and tools for businesses' like yours.

It’s all packaged up & ready to install into your business in a fraction of the time it would take to learn and implement this yourself, while running your business.  

A 60-Day Journey to AI Mastery

In just two months, you'll experience a transformation in the way you do business.

You'll be expertly navigated through the integration of state-of-the-art AI marketing systems, tailored specifically to your business needs.

Tailor-Made for Your Knowledge Businesses

This program has been meticulously crafted for coaches, consultants, and course creators. If you're ready to dive into the world of AI, this is your opportunity to not just participate, but implement and excel.

Ready-to-Use AI Tools and Expert Guidance

Included in the program are a suite of intuitive, ready-to-deploy AI tools, each custom made for coaches, consultants and course creators. You'll receive hands-on assistance to implement these tools, designed to boost productivity, reduce costs, and drive higher profits for your business.

Dynamic AI Lead Magnets: Discover a new way to connect with your audience using our AI-enhanced, interactive tools. Tailor-made to fit your brand and specific audience, these magnets are engineered to convert visitors into leads through engaging, real-time experiences.

AI-Powered Appointment Setting Chatbots: Say hello to your new Virtual Sales Assistant! Our integrated AI-Powered Appointment Setting Chatbots are always on duty, working 24/7 to engage leads and secure appointments.

Automated Marketing Funnels: Launch your marketing efforts in no time with our ready-to-use 'best-practice' marketing funnels. Simply tweak the content to match your brand and you're set!

Flagship Video Content and Short-Form Reels: Record your flagship video content and watch as our AI tools slice it into powerful, standalone short-form reels - perfect for catching the eye and capturing the imagination on any platform.

Brand Positioning and Value Proposition: Elevate your brand with strategically honed messaging that resonates authentically with your audience. Our tailored approach focuses on developing core messaging pillars, crafting a unique value proposition that sets you apart from your competitors.

Batch Content Creation: Easily create captivating video content with our 'topic-blueprint' method. Record your message once, and let our AI tools transform it into eye-catching content over and over again. This smart system is your key to effortless, content consistency.

Comprehensive Learning Library: Unlock a treasure trove of knowledge with our extensive online course content. Always available and constantly updated, this resource is your key to staying ahead in the ever-evolving world of AI and digital marketing.

Unlock the power of AI-Assisted Marketing in your business with these AI systems, designed for simplicity, efficiency, and greater profits.

The 60 Day AI Advantage with John Hubbard

Your Business' Unfair Edge

This 60 day AI Business Advantage has been crafted with a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by coaches, consultants and course creators.

Here's What We're Doing

We're architecting a state-of-the-art AI Marketing System that will elevate your business to unparalleled heights. This isn't just about keeping up; it's about leading the charge in your industry.

We're harnessing AI to refine your marketing strategies, lead generation and content creation, ensuring they're not just based on concrete data and evolving consumer behaviours.

We're leveraging AI to optimise your core brand messaging, ensuring every piece of communication resonates with your audience and converts prospects into loyal customers.

We're integrating AI-driven tools that streamline operations, from lead generation to customer support, ensuring efficiency without losing the human touch.

We're empowering you with data analytics, ensuring every business decision you make is backed by insights and precision.

How We're Doing It

For 8 transformative weeks, we'll collaborate LIVE over Zoom. Every session is recorded, ensuring you never miss a beat.

You'll receive access to our meticulously crafted AI systems and blueprints, simplifying every step of the integration process.

Every session is custom-designed to help implement the systems and strategies that will meet your business goals, providing you with direct expert guidance every step of the way.

Here’s Why You Should Act Now

Due to the hands-on nature of this service, John only works with a maximum of ten clients at a time to ensure the highest level of personalised attention and strategic focus. This unique opportunity to be among the select few is your gateway to implementing AI-driven marketing with expert guidance.

The Requirements

No prior AI knowledge is needed. Just bring your passion, your business, and a vision for its future.

Dedicate approximately 2.5 hours a week to our sessions and the subsequent implementation.

FOCUS: This is a revolutionary approach. Stay committed, and you'll witness transformative results.

Important Disclaimer

Implementing AI into your marketing is a big transformation. Like anything that matters, it requires dedication and commitment. While I'll provide the tools and expertise, the drive to integrate and adapt comes from you. But remember, with this knowledge, you're not just gaining an edge; you're setting the gold standard in your industry..

Get 12 Hours Out of Every Day By Rapidly Speeding Through Tasks

Research consistently shows that businesses leveraging AI outperform their competitors in efficiency, customer satisfaction, and profitability. This isn't just the future; it's the present. And with me by your side, you'll be at the forefront.

Unlock Growth Pockets Which Give You an Unfair Advantage

Trim the Fat and Run Leaner, by Leveraging AI Business Systems

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What Our Clients Say

Real Business' Share Their Real Success Stories

6-Figures & Counting...

John Hubbard opened my eyes to AI, and it completely transformed my business.

Just one of his strategies added six figures to my revenue.

Blown away!!!

When I first saw John's AI systems, I suddenly understood what was possible.

I hired him as my CMO on the spot!

Up There With The Best.

I've worked with renowned marketers from all over the world, but John, though less known, ranks among the best.

He's a master at turning knowledge into profit!


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