Always on the Job,

Never on the Payroll!

Imagine expert minds working tirelessly for your business, 24/7. No salaries, no breaks, just world-class expertise. 

Welcome to the AI-driven future of business.

Dear visionary business owner, 

Ever dreamt of having a team of world-class experts at your beck and call, working tirelessly to propel your business to new heights? 

If chat GPT has impressed you, prepare to be astounded by the vast array of AI tools available today. Over 400 generative AI tools are at your disposal, offering an unparalleled opportunity to drive growth, cut costs, and amplify returns. 

With the right tools, you can achieve the output of thousands.

By fully utilising these assets, you're not just optimising; you're maximising efficiency to an unprecedented level.

And the result? 

A team that never sleeps, never asks for a raise, and is always on top of the latest trends and strategies?

That dream is now a reality.

Welcome to the AI-driven future of business – where your expert dream team is always on the job, but never on the payroll.

Meet John Hubbard,

Fractional CMO & AI Business Systems Specialist

Since starting his first business in 1993, and after a 23 year career in advertising, John Hubbard is now a leading fractional CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) who specialises in partnering with ambitious entrepreneurs.

When the AI landscape shifted, John didn't just observe from the sidelines; he plunged headfirst into the fray, determined to harness its limitless potential.

After searching high and low for an integrated approach, he couldn't find a solution.

So, he took matters into his own hands.

After countless hours of elite training sessions, collaborations with industry giants, and testing over 130 AI tools, he’s distilled all of that knowledge into one masterful solution, crafted exclusively for small business owners.

This has led to John creating “The AI Business Advantage” in order to leverage the unparalleled power of AI to drive growth, cut costs, and amplify returns.

“There was no service I could find like it, and I couldn’t rest until I did it myself”, says John.

It’s Time to Catch Up or Get Crushed!

Make no mistake, AI is a seismic shift, reshaping the very foundation of the business world. 

A whopping 91.5% of the corporate giants have already harnessed its power, sharpening it into their competitive edge, yet many small businesses are still on the sidelines. That’s right… 

Just 25%

of small


are even

in the game

That’s a serious problem…

The giants are poised to use AI to dominate, in exactly the same way Amazon used superior shipping & logistics technology to bulldoze all the local brick & mortar bookstores.

Your Competitors? They're Gearing Up.

Make no mistake, every second you hesitate… your competitors are leaping ahead.

Organisations generating analytics from AI will outperform their competitors by 20%.

AI adopters are growing revenues 3x faster than late adopters or non-users - with an average of 27% higher profits

92% of companies are already achieving an ROI from their investment in AI




You Can't Afford to Sleep on This

From Fortune 500 boardrooms to your local cafe, AI isn't just a topic of conversation, it's THE topic that everyone is focused on.

Feeling like the underdog?

That’s understandable. 

The AI tidal wave seems overwhelming. But here's the golden nugget of truth: it's not too late for you. In fact, this might be your golden opportunity.

Introducing the Only AI Blueprint Designed With Small Business Owners at its Heart

We’ve invested thousands of hours in research,

insider training sessions, collaborations with industry giants, and testing over 130 AI tools.

And we've distilled all this knowledge into the best strategies for small and medium businesses, like yours.

It’s all packaged up & ready to install into your business in a fraction of the time it would take to learn and implement this yourself, while running your business.  

So, are you ready to turn the tables, and start leading the pack?

The AI Revolution Begins with a Program Crafted Just for You!

We've crafted this 90 day AI Business Advantage with a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by small and medium-sized enterprises.

24/7 AI-Powered Customer Engagement via Chatbots

Available round the clock, they ensure immediate responses, skyrocketing satisfaction levels, and turning customers into raving fans.

AI Powered Facebook, Youtube & Google Ads:

Dive headfirst into AI powered advertising on platforms with the hyper-targeted precision of AD Tracking & AI Optimization, craft campaigns that speak directly to your ideal audience, and convert like never before. No more guesswork, just results.

AI-Enhanced Content Mastery:

Dive into content that truly resonates. With AI at the helm, we craft messages tailored to your audience's desires, analysing market trends and competitor data. The result? Content that's unmistakably you, striking a chord every single time.

Automated Marketing Funnels

These systems are pre-designed and ready for action. Simply tweak the content to match your brand and you're set! Experience the magic of Fully Automated Funnels and Follow-Up Campaigns.

Sales Script Optimisation

Let AI refine your sales pitches. By analysing successful conversions, our system crafts the perfect script, ensuring every sales call has the best chance of success.

Data Mastery & Analytics for Precision Decisions

In the AI era, data isn't just power; it's your compass. Navigate with confidence as our reporting tools offer actionable insights, ensuring every decision is a step towards success.

Streamline Operations to Cut Out Unnecessary Costs

But never lose that essential human touch. Our AI ensures efficiency, but it's your brand's heart that shines through. And the new systems you’ll create will be built to last, not only effective but scalable - and ready to plug straight into your lead generation and sales processes.

Dive into the AI Business Advantage Program

Get 12 Hours Out of an Hours Day By Rapidly Speeding Through Tasks

Unlock Growth Pockets Which Give You an Unfair Advantage

Trim the Fat and Run Leaner, by Leveraging AI Business Systems

Hear From Our Successful Clients

Real clients, real results. Dive into success stories that showcase our AI Program's unmatched impact.

What do Clients Say

Learn how big companies use really great site to change the way they do business

Learn how big companies use really great site to change the way they do business

Learn how big companies use really great site to change the way they do business

Learn how big companies use really great site to change the way they do business

Ready to Get Started

Real clients, real results. Dive into success stories that showcase our AI Program's unmatched impact.

The AI Advantage with John Hubbard:

Your Business's Unfair Edge

Here's What We're Doing

We're architecting a state-of-the-art AI Business System that will elevate your business to unparalleled heights. This isn't just about keeping up; it's about leading the charge in your industry.

We're harnessing AI to refine your marketing strategies, ensuring they're not just based on trends, but on concrete data and evolving consumer behaviours.

We're leveraging AI to optimise your sales scripts, ensuring every pitch resonates with your audience and converts prospects into loyal customers.

We're integrating AI-driven tools that streamline operations, from lead generation to customer support, ensuring efficiency without losing the human touch.

We're empowering you with data analytics, ensuring every business decision you make is backed by insights and precision.

How We're Doing It

For four transformative weeks, we'll collaborate LIVE over Zoom. Every session is recorded, ensuring you never miss a beat.

You'll receive access to our meticulously crafted AI systems and blueprints, simplifying every step of the integration process.

You'll have direct access to me, John Hubbard, the world's #1 AI expert. I'll be there to guide, advise, and ensure the AI systems are tailored perfectly to your business needs.

The Requirements

No prior AI knowledge is needed. Just bring your passion, your business, and a vision for its future.

Dedicate approximately 2.5 hours a week to our sessions and the subsequent implementation.

FOCUS: This is a revolutionary approach. Stay committed, and you'll witness transformative results.

Important Disclaimer

Implementing AI is a strategic move. Like all strategies, it requires dedication and commitment. While I'll provide the tools and expertise, the drive to integrate and adapt comes from you. But remember, with this knowledge, you're not just gaining an edge; you're setting the gold standard in your industry.

The Power of AI in Business

Research consistently shows that businesses leveraging AI outperform their competitors in efficiency, customer satisfaction, and profitability. This isn't just the future; it's the present. And with me by your side, you'll be at the forefront.

Your Journey Begins

🔲 Kick-off Date:
This coming Tuesday at 02:00 pm California time (PST).
NOTE: AUS & NZ - Wednesday 09:00 am Sydney (AEDT).

🔲 Enrollment Closes:

This opportunity vanishes when the timer hits zero.

🔲 Your Investment:
The investment for this transformative program is $5,000/m. Remember, you're not just purchasing a program; you're investing in a future powered by AI. Every tool, from AI software to CRM and Lead Generation System, is covered in this fee, ensuring you get unparalleled value.

But here's my promise: Dive in, and if within a week you aren't convinced of the game-changing potential of AI for your business, I'll return every penny. 

And as a gesture of goodwill, all the materials are yours to keep.

That's the confidence I place in the AI Business Advantage.

Experience it risk-free.

Join the AI revolution today.

Experience AI-Powered
Content Creation Firsthand!

A Free Invitation - ONLY To a Lucky Few

Unlock the Secret Behind Al-Powered Content

For a limited time you can schedule a FREE 30-min 1:1 Zoom session with me and watch as I use cutting-edge Al tools to shape content uniquely for your brand.

Allow me to craft custom content for YOUR business during a 30 minute session, entirely on the house!

Why Am I Offering To Write Your Content For FREE?

Firstly, | must admit, this isn’t a typical offer. Crafting tailored content live using advanced Al

tools is something that usually comes with a hefty price tag.

So why free?

Promotional Test: I'm rolling this out to a select group of ambitious businesses as part of removed from the website.

The Power of Proof: There's a lot of chatter about new Al tools, but how many people will

show you live? I want to not just tell, but demonstrate how to leverage the genuine capabilities of Al in real-time.

Building Bridges: knowing the forward-thinking business owners like you means building

long-term relationships. You've got connections. Once you witness the power of integrated Al systems firsthand, maybe you'll vouch for me with others in your network or become a future client.

So, What's the Catch?


Its just smart marketing on my part.

I could spend the same amount of money on Facebook ads...

Or I could just do it for you for free. The cost to me is roughly the same...

And I'm a big believer in completely removing the risk for new potential clients... and giving first...

So you're going to win, and I'm going to win.

And that's basically why I'm doing it!

So if that sounds good to you...

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